I want you to know that I am a "PORTRAIT ARTIST."  It's my PLANNING, my THOUGHTS and my SKILLS as a photographer for the last seventeen years that I have to offer you.  I am EXCITED to meet you and can't wait for that day after the wedding when you to walk into the studio to view your "MASTERPIECE Portrait" for the first time.  This is the most PERSONAL imagery and on every brides MUST-HAVE list.  This is what you DREAM of and what you have worked so hard to achieve.  All YOUR planning, shopping, hard decisions, time and money have resulted in this MEMORY you will have for a LIFETIME. You can TRUST that this is done right.

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I love weddings and making art, but I also love my pets and I hope to share my love of animals with my captive audience.  I recently trapped  a pregnant feral cat and kept two of her babies. when I returned her to the wild, It was a great feeling. 

fun facts

Hobbie #1
Eclipse, Madras Oregon, f10, 1/10, iso 800, 8/21/17, 10:19:09am
Passionate about night photography.  I use and study from PhotoPills. For interested students, I include this topic in my private photography classes.

Hobbie #2
Shoot for Magazines
I have been the primary photographer for my own town magazine,
Benicia Magazine.
I love to run downtown, meet the people and photograph.  I have great joy in sharing what I do and this is one way to reach my community.

Hobbie #3
Heirloom Portraiture
This is "My Dad" in his workshop.  
 I love to making this level of imagery for my clients. 
You must know: Time is unstoppable and printing is one of the best ways to preserve your memory.

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